Leather Jackets In Trend, Here’s Why?

Leather Jackets in trend, but you will be surprised to know the reason behind it. For some time, the craze of leather jacket is on the rise. Be it a girl or a boy, leather jackets are being liked by all, where in earlier times people use leather to make shoes, While now fashionable jackets are being made using leather properly, although jackets were made earlier also, but over time, such a craze of leather jackets has come due to change in attractive fashion.

Today, Latest leather jackets are made in such a way that the body gets comfort even in very low temperatures and a better fashion trend emerges. Something similar used to happen in earlier times as well, we are talking about the early 1900s when the leather jacket was made for the first time. Leather jackets have seen a huge change since the time of World War till now.

On one hand, where leather jackets provide a dashing look to boys, different colored jackets give attractive look to girls, wearing a leather jacket was an easy way to look tough and intimidating. Think outside the box when deciding on a leather jacket or a leather bomber for fall; the options can seem endless. There are selection of trouser options by way of leather through to wraparound zips. Choose between faux and genuine leather, as well as the light versus dark options!

The leather material is typically dyed black, or various shades of brown, but a wide range of colors is possible. Leather jackets can be designed for many purposes, and specific styles have been associated with subcultures such as greasers, motorcyclists and bikers, mobsters and military aviators (especially during and directly after World War II) who have worn the garment for protective or fashionable reasons, and occasionally to create a potentially intimidating appearance. So, let’s find out more about Leather Jackets.

Leather Jackets In Trend

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Even in today’s time, the trend of leather jacket remains and this trend is increasing every year, it is not at all that people are bored with leather jackets and have started forgetting this fashion. The fashion of leather jackets took a different turn and for those who liked leather jackets, leather jackets became available in many varieties, that is why the number of people who like leather jackets is increasing.

There are many options of leather jackets available in the market like – mens leather jackets, womens leather jackets, black leather jackets and many more. Leather jacket wearers do not use it only for fashion, but the biggest advantage of wearing leather jacket is that it protects you even from heavy cold.

Although leather jackets are available in many colors, but people like black leather jackets the most and black leather jackets have become an important part of people’s personality, which is seen well in winter.

Not only fashion but by wearing black leather jacket the body temperature is maintained optimally because a scientific study suggests that black color absorbs temperature due to which the temperature of black leather jackets remains slightly higher than other colored leather jackets. Due to the many benefits of wearing a leather jacket in winter, its trend has been going on for centuries.

Popularity of Leather Jackets

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In the latter half of the 20th century, the leather jacket achieved an iconic status and general acceptance through an inextricable link to Hollywood. The credit for promoting the leather jacket goes to a number of Hollywood stars in 1940s and 1950s who made it a proper fashion to wear, especially for those who were vegetarian.

In earlier times, vegetarian people were strictly against wearing leather jackets because animal skin was used to make it, but with time people changed and started making leather jackets using the skin of dead animals and after some time The trend changed in such a way that people of all classes started liking leather jackets.

A leather jacket could be used to shape a character, providing an important ingredient used to define the very essence of ‘cool’. Perfecto motorcycle jacket worn by Marlon Brando‘s in The Wild One (1953), Honor Blackman on The Avengers, and Michael Pare in Eddie and the Cruisers duo (1983 and 1989). All these popular stars played an important role in promoting leather jackets among the American youth, which was also seen well in the early 1960s. As time changed and the world moved towards modernization, many varieties of leather jackets started coming in the market and people started liking them too.

History of Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets for women

In the early 1900s members of the military wore brown leather flight jackets. One of the first modern leather jackets, the type A1, was created by Chapal in 1925. During the Second World War, leather jackets were also known as bomber jackets, the reason behind this was that leather jackets used to be very heavy and protected from small bomb blasts. The big advantage was also that it maintain the body temperature right in the cold weather.

In the early 1900s, inside the army of cold countries, the leather jacket was made an important part of the army dress, which used to protect a soldier in every situation. Russian Bolsheviks commonly wore leather jackets, which became a quasi-uniform for commissars during the Russian Civil War, and later for the members of the Cheka. Yakov Sverdlov allegedly initiated this practice.

Leather Jackets as Safety gear

There is a doubt in the mind of many people that leather jackets are worn only for the purpose of fashion but this is not the whole truth. Leather jackets are also used as protection like when a rider uses a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle it performs as a protective equipment. Leather jackets are excellent safety equipment that protect you in all kinds of situations.

Motorcycle Leather jackets often have more substantial zips, weatherproof pockets and closures, higher collars, and are styled to be longer at the back than the front to protect the kidneys of the riders from the cold while the rider is bent forward over the motorcycle.

Best Leather Jackets

Although many varieties of leather jackets are available in the market, but we are going to tell you about the best leather jackets which you can buy if you want.

Leather Jackets In Trend, Here's Why?

Best Leather Jackets

Best Leather Jackets

You can make leather jackets a part of your fashion in different ways. Leather jackets are in trend today and are available in the market in different designs. We have told you many things about leather jackets in this post. We hope you have liked this blog post and also we request you that if you like this post, do not forget to share it. Thank you

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