Akshay Narasetti, a student from Chennai, landed an interview with Google after he hacked the Chrome Dino Game

Akshay Narasetti, a student from Chennai, recently gained attention from the tech world for his innovative approach to hacking the Chrome Dino Game. His efforts led to a job interview with Google, one of the most coveted positions in the tech industry.

The Chrome Dino Game is a popular game that appears when a user’s internet connection is down. It is a simple game where the player controls a dinosaur that runs through a desert while avoiding obstacles. The game has gained a significant following, and players often compete to see who can score the highest.

Akshay, an engineering student, found a way to hack the game and increase his score significantly. He used a simple coding technique to change the game’s coding, allowing him to score millions of points. Akshay shared his achievement on social media, which quickly gained attention from the tech community.

The hack was not malicious in nature and did not cause any harm to the game or its users. Instead, it was a demonstration of Akshay’s technical skills and ingenuity. His efforts earned him a lot of praise from the tech community, and his story went viral.

Soon after, Akshay received an email from Google’s recruitment team inviting him for a job interview. The interview was a significant achievement for the young student, who had only just begun his career in engineering. It was a testament to his skills and creativity and showed that his efforts had not gone unnoticed.

While Akshay’s story is inspiring, it is important to note that hacking should always be done ethically and responsibly. Hacking can be a valuable tool for finding security flaws and improving systems, but it should not be used for malicious purposes.

In conclusion, Akshay Narasetti’s story is a reminder of the power of creativity and ingenuity in the tech industry. His hack of the Chrome Dino Game earned him a lot of attention and even led to a job interview with Google. Akshay’s story is a reminder to all aspiring engineers and hackers that hard work and innovation can lead to great things.

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